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Sell your treasures at the Inner Sunset Flea!

Vendor fees

  • Makers, merchants, artists, and organizations
    • 10×10 space: $175 non-local, $110 local*
    • 10×5 space: $125 non-local, $90 local*
  • Second hand dealer: $110 non-local, $95 local
  • Neighbor garage sale: $85 non-local, $55 local
  • Non-profits: $60 non-local, $30 local


  • Vendor spaces are 10×10, unless otherwise specified
  • * Local = A vendor whose address is in zip code 94122, 94116, 94117, 94121, or 94118
  • An additional 1x/season $20 application fee will be charged upon registration

How to sign up as a vendor

  1. Click the below button and create a Sunset Mercantile vendor profile.
  2. When choosing your password, click on the first line to make the dots disappear. Enter a password of your choice, then click on the next line to enter that same password again, and hit “Next” to complete the process.
  3. Click on the Apply to Market button and enter “94122” into the search bar to find the Inner Sunset Flea Market.
  4. During registration, skip all questions not relevant to you (ie farming question, etc) or type N/A.
  5. How to list your products:
    • Second hand vendors and Neighbor Garage Sale: Choose Product Category: Miscellaneous, Choose Specific Product: Antiques
    • Non-profits: Choose Product Category: Miscellaneous, Choose Specific Product: Non Profit Materials
    • Makers, Merchants, Artists & Organizations: List all products you intend to sell (ie arts & crafts, misc, etc)
    • Set Varieties to “1”
    • Check the All box next to months that products are available.
    • Description: Describe the items you intend to sell.
    • You can also upload photos of your products if you wish.

Vendor types & rates
$55$85Resident / second-hand vendor (selling garage sale or vintage items) (10’x10′ space)
$65$95Artisan / maker (handmade items) (10’×5′ space in a row of fellow artisans, chair & table NOT provided**)
$85$145Merchant / professional (selling new or handmade items) (10’x10′ space)
$50$80Non-profit organization** (10’x10′ space) (booth fee waived if children’s activity provided)
$120$150Food truck***
$40$70Food artisan*** (10×5 space in Artisan / maker section – see above)
$70$100Food artisan*** (10×10 space)
$5Chair rental
 $15Table (6′ x 2.5′) rental


* A “local” is someone whose home/business is in either the 94122, 94116, or 94117 zip codes.
** Use coupon code “nonprofit” at checkout to have your booth fee waived.
*** For food vendor inquiries call Angie on 415-465-2475 at least 3 weeks before an event. Vendor will be responsible for SFDPH TFF fees.

Terms & conditions

1. What you get. Booth spaces are 10 x 10 ft, apart from Artisan/maker spaces which are 10 x 5 ft. We only provide the space. You must bring your own tables and chairs, unless you rent them from us. No electricity, wifi or tents/ canopies will be provided.

2. A booth application does not mean automatic acceptance. Only when you receive an email indicating that “your order is complete” have you been accepted.

3. Paying your booth fee. We accept fees by check or Paypal. If paying by check, contact us if you’re applying less than 7 days before the event. Your space is only confirmed once you have paid and we must receive payments before the event. You may only set up your booth on event day if you have paid your fee. Booth fees are non-refundable, so if you don’t show up we cannot refund your fee.

4. Cancellation. Inner Sunset Flea Market will occur monthly, second Sundays, rain or shine. No Refunds. Credit will be given toward a future event within the same year only if cancellation is received at least 5 days in advance of the event. After that, your fee becomes a donation to our community event for which we are extremely grateful.

5. Booth location. If your application is accepted, you will receive a map and instructions the Friday before event. All booths are located on Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. Tables and merchandise must stay within allotted space indicated by chalk markings on the ground unless given permission by event coordinator to do otherwise.

6. Booth sharing. We allow applicants to share their booths with other vendors so long as you can both fit within your space. Due to fire lane safety, no spilling out of your 10×10 or 10×5 spaces.

7. Safety. You are responsible for your own safety and that of the customers and products within your booth space. You are not allowed to have anything in your seller space that would present a danger to others. We reserve the right to ask you to remove inappropriate items from view at our family friendly event. Anything that might be dangerous to unsupervised children must be kept under watch. Prepare for wind. If you are bringing a canopy, you must bring at least 50 lbs of weight as protection against wind. Drive slowly through event. No cars are allowed on site between 9:30 am and 4:30pm.

8. Set up. Set up starts from 8:30am. You will not be allowed onto site before 8:30am as we are busy setting up event for the vendors at that time. You may drive up to your booth space but please unload quickly and promptly move your vehicle and before 9:30am for the event to start at 10am. The nearby farmers’ market on 9th Avenue starts at 9am so prepare for early birds at the Inner Sunset Flea.

9. Break down. Don’t start breaking down until the event ends at 4pm. Early packing spoils the good vibes and encourages an exodus by other vendors and event goers. Vendors caught packing up or leaving before 4pm will not be allowed to participate again and will forfeit any vendor fees paid for upcoming events. Vehicles will not be allowed back in until after 4:30pm and when vendors are completely packed up and ready to load.

Vendor Application

Before completing this form, please read the following:

  • By using the below form, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to the Terms & conditions above.
  • If you are a food vendor, don’t complete the below form – instead, call Angie on 415-465-2475 at least 3 weeks before an event.
  • If you are a non-profit organization, you can offer a children’s activity and have your booth fee waived. Use the coupon code “nonprofit” on the Cart page to waive your booth fee and describe the children’s activity in the Order notes on the Checkout page.
  • If you are an Artisan/maker let us know in the Order notes on the Checkout page if you would like to bring a 10×10 canopy.
  • For questions, contact us.

To start, use the Filter below to select your vendor type / rental items and the zip code in which you live or work

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