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Sell your treasures at the Inner Sunset Flea!

Vendor fees

  • Makers, merchants, artists, and organizations
    • 10×10 space: $185 non-local, $120 local*
    • 10×5 space: $135 non-local, $100 local*
  • Second-hand dealer: $120 non-local, $105 local
  • Neighbor garage sale: $95 San Francisco/Daly City,  $55 local*
  • Non-profits: $70 non-local, $40 local


  • Vendor spaces are 10×10, unless otherwise specified
  • * Local = A vendor whose address is in zip code 94122, 94116, 94117, 94121, or 94118
  • An additional 1x/season $20 application fee will be charged upon registration

How to sign up as a vendor

  1. Click the below button and create a Sunset Mercantile vendor profile.
  2. When choosing your password, click on the first line to make the dots disappear. Enter a password of your choice, then click on the next line to enter that same password again, and hit “Next” to complete the process.
  3. Click on the Apply to Market button and enter “94122” into the search bar to find the Inner Sunset Flea Market.
  4. During registration, skip all questions not relevant to you (ie farming question, etc) or type N/A.
  5. How to list your products:
    • Second hand vendors and Neighbor Garage Sale: Choose Product Category: Miscellaneous, Choose Specific Product: Antiques
    • Non-profits: Choose Product Category: Miscellaneous, Choose Specific Product: Non Profit Materials
    • Makers, Merchants, Artists & Organizations: List all products you intend to sell (ie arts & crafts, misc, etc)
    • Set Varieties to “1”
    • Check the All box next to months that products are available.
    • Description: Describe the items you intend to sell.
    • You can also upload photos of your products if you wish.

Sign up as an Inner Sunset Flea Market vendor